Who we are

Parlour Trick is a music community inspired to provide a creative environment for producing music with new artists and to find opportunities to put new music out into the world.

Jason Goessl started Parlour Trick in 2009 after years of making and recording music through a variety of collaborations. The experience of living in various parts of the country, meeting impassioned artists, and their relentless exploration of musical styles, compelled him to establish a studio that supports continued introduction of new and innovative music into the music and film communities.

This immersion in many musical communities and involvement in a continually growing network of like-minded and talented music professionals, allows Parlour Trick to provide an affordable and creative space for all things music.

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New Model
no true end and no true beginning

Now Serving…
Debut Album, Now Serving…

Taylor Ave.
Debut Album, Bridges, Walls

Now Serving… – Mitch N.V.
Montana – Flathead
Wedgewood – Accelerated

  • Nov 22 – Sunday Evening Whiskey Club
  • Nov 23 – Jason Goessl Dave Bush & PK
  • Nov 24 – Knut Bell and the Blue Collars
  • Nov 25 – Jason Goessl, Birch Pereira, Dave Bush
  • Dec 7 – The Pornadoes!
  • Dec 11 – The Bayous
  • Dec 12 – Brazil Novo
  • Dec 13 – Brazil Novo
  • Dec 27 – Sunday Evening Whiskey Club
  • Feb 21 – Jason Goessl & Kate Voss
  • Slow Skate – at Groove O Matic
  • Slow Skate – Ella and Jim
  • Slow Skate – Aurora