Sunday Evening Whiskey Club

10 p.m. @ Slims Last Chance

SEWC is gonna rock Slims with some fresh new tunes and a well tuned band.

Jason Goessl Dave Bush & PK

9 p.m. @ Molly Maguire’s

PK on bass, Jason Goessl on guitar, and Dave Bush on drums playing the music of The Pornadoes and The Bayous.

Knut Bell and the Blue Collars

5 p.m. @ Conway Pub

Jason joins Knut Bell every Sunday from 5-9! We call it HONKAHILLAROCKABILLY…it’s like an ol’ coal train grumblin’ down the side of a mountain…a king crab block buzzing on the Bering Sea…a MS 880 Magnum Stihl (with a 59″ bar) roarin’ through timber…a sound that permeates Americana!

Jason Goessl, Birch Pereira, Dave Bush

8 p.m. @ The Triple Door Musicquarium

The Musicquarium Monday jazz sessions bring together bassist Birch Pereira, guitarist Jason Goessel and drummer David Bush. Although these three musicians have played together for years in as members of different groups ranging from jazz to latin, folk and rock, they are excited for their first opportunity to perform as a trio. The group will mix standards from artists like Thelonious Monk, Charles Mingus, Duke Ellington, Charlie Haden, Antonio Carlos Jobim and Wes Montgomery to original music by Birch Pereira and Jason Goessl.

MKS fake rolex

The Pornadoes!

9 p.m. @ Vito’s

The Pornadoes will be bringing their western swing and surf vibe to Vito’s!

The Bayous

5 p.m. @ Musicquarium

THE BAYOUS! Playing the music The Meters and more!

The Bayous

5 p.m. @ Musicquarium

THE BAYOUS! Playing the music The Meters and more!

Brazil Novo

9 p.m. @ Vitos

Brazil Novo recreates the era of classic Bossa Nova for fans of Jobim, Joao Gilberto, and Charlie Byrd. Led by Puerto Rican trumpeter Michel Navedo, who sings in Portuguese and whose mellow, soulful tone improvises gracefully through most compositions, the group strives to stay true to the roots of Brazilian urban music. Featuring instrumentation reflective of the time, the Classical guitar and upright bass lend a sublime acoustic atmosphere, while subtle, samba infused percussion recreates the seductive groove that made Bossa Nova famous.

Brazil Novo

7 p.m. @ The Sorrento Hotal

Jason Goessl Guitar, Dave Bush Drums. Birch Pereira Bass, Dave Bush Drums, and Michel Navedo Trumpet and Vocals performing a wide array of Brazilian Favorites

Sunday Evening Whiskey Club

9 p.m. @ Conor Byrne

Paul’s Beaudry’s (SEWC bass player) 40th Birthday! The Evanstones Sunday Evening Whiskey Club Deception Past

Jason Goessl & Kate Voss

6 p.m. @ Doe Bay

Jason and Kate will be performing in the cafe at Doe Bay

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  • Nov 22 – Sunday Evening Whiskey Club
  • Nov 23 – Jason Goessl Dave Bush & PK
  • Nov 24 – Knut Bell and the Blue Collars
  • Nov 25 – Jason Goessl, Birch Pereira, Dave Bush
  • Dec 7 – The Pornadoes!
  • Dec 11 – The Bayous
  • Dec 12 – Brazil Novo
  • Dec 13 – Brazil Novo
  • Dec 27 – Sunday Evening Whiskey Club
  • Feb 21 – Jason Goessl & Kate Voss
  • Slow Skate – at Groove O Matic
  • Slow Skate – Ella and Jim
  • Slow Skate – Aurora