Trimtab formed in 2001 in Minneapolis, MN under the concept of Jason Goessl, who, inspired by the work and philosophy of R. Buckminster Fuller, realized a link between Fuller’s architecture and musical form …

The Pornadoes
The Pornadoes formed in July 2011 when MidWest transplants Jason Goessl, Tom Zgonc, and Ethan Sobotta were inspired to create music that embodied the spirit of their homeland. Goessl, the curator and musical …

The Northern Key
The Northern Key is the project of singer/songwriter Andrew Galluccio, in addition to Christina Platter (keys and violin) and Danny Sullivan (drums). The …

Sunday Evening Whiskey Club
Sunday Evening Whiskey Club began as a group of friends hanging around a campfire in the mountains of Western Washington. The group was …

Slow Skate
Slow Skate is the project of Seattle songwriter Caitlin Sherman. Reverb soaked vocals, vintage keyboards, antique zithers, swooning guitar lines and retro drum machines illustrate a sort of musical noir. The performances have …

When Minneapolis guitarist Jason Goessl met Seattle drummer Adam Pessl in 2002, it seemed only right they should form some sort of musical pairing. [Come on, “Goessl” and “Pessl”? What are the odds?] …

midnorth is Brian Erickson and Jason Goessl. The two share a penchant for melodic stories, studying horizons and tipping glasses of whiskey. After half a lifetime they are embarking on a new cross-country …

Michel Navedo
Michel Navedo’s style fuses the jazz tradition of New Orleans and the sounds of Puerto Rico – both places of his heritage. Growing up with such a rich musical background, Michel took to …

Jason Goessl
Born and raised in Maribel, WI, a small village several miles inland from the western shores of Lake Michigan. A modest Midwest community with the requisite corner store, church, bank, post office, grain …

Colin J. Nelson
Colin J. Nelson was born in San Juan Capistrano, CA in 1980. Although he began singing in various choirs and opera roles from the age of eight, it wasn’t until his mid-teens that …

Bridges, Walls
Bridges, Walls Bridges, Walls is the latest project from musician Brett Yarnton. Brett is perhaps better known for producing electronic music under the name byproduct, but this new music represents a move to …

Ada Loveless
Ada Loveless was formed in 2008 after DJ Alex at Seattle radio station KEXP requested a collaboration between Obelus (Jason Goessl and Adam Pessl), ndCv (Andy Seaver), and Caitlin Sherman (Slow Skate, Lusine) …

Brian Erickson
Brian Erickson was born and raised in Austin, MN. From an early age he was drawn to music and formally studied piano, percussion, and voice – eventually playing drums in several rock and …

New Model
no true end and no true beginning

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Debut Album, Now Serving…

Taylor Ave.
Debut Album, Bridges, Walls

Now Serving… – Mitch N.V.
Montana – Flathead
Wedgewood – Accelerated

  • Nov 22 – Sunday Evening Whiskey Club
  • Nov 23 – Jason Goessl Dave Bush & PK
  • Nov 24 – Knut Bell and the Blue Collars
  • Nov 25 – Jason Goessl, Birch Pereira, Dave Bush
  • Dec 7 – The Pornadoes!
  • Dec 11 – The Bayous
  • Dec 12 – Brazil Novo
  • Dec 13 – Brazil Novo
  • Dec 27 – Sunday Evening Whiskey Club
  • Feb 21 – Jason Goessl & Kate Voss
  • Slow Skate – at Groove O Matic
  • Slow Skate – Ella and Jim
  • Slow Skate – Aurora