Caitlin Sherman Featured on 29th Volume of BoW

Some sentiments are born with the spring and some are born in the diminishing amber light of the autumn. Caitlin Sherman’s “Sickle and a Pear” falls in the company of the latter; it warms around you, slowing the pace of elongated shadows that trail behind, forcing long, reflective glances backwards.

The song is a dreamy and tenuous float pulled along by ambling piano chords and melancholy violin lines. Sherman’s voice is a deep, warm whisper delivering an unapologetic statement of emotional condition: “She don’t look down, she don’t look down, it’s quite a drop from where she’s hanging around, always jumping to another distant cloud”

The repeated line, “Three keys, two mirrors, a sickle and a pear” is a seemingly innocuous list of items that with each listen begs you to trace the meandering path of hidden meaning. With this latest release, Sherman once again proves capable of creating thoughtful, intimate treasures of sound.

“Sickle and a Pear” is featured on the 29th volume of Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly “No Guitars”. Sherman will be performing at the celebration of this release on Friday,
Sept. 7, 9:00pm at the Comet Tavern in Seattle, WA.

Published: Sept. 1, 2012
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Midwest to Northwest and a Parlour Trick Showcase

Well folks, here it is June again and I find myself back in the fine city of Seattle hanging with the Parlour Trick crew. I was last out in March 2011 to record “If Gravel was Gold” (another exceptional experience). This trip was simply meant as an opportunity to get out of the Midwest for a week and recalibrate; maybe record some new tunes.

The recording didn’t happen, but “Parlour Trick Presents!” did. Wow, what an amazing time it was!

The Pornadoes, Slow Skate, Colin J. Nelson, Paul Beaudry, and myself, all took to the stage at the Rogue and Peasant in Fremont on Friday night to showcase a bit of the great music that has come out of the Parlour Trick studio. The evening ebbed and flowed between intimate moments as Caitlin, Colin, and myself played some stripped down tunes and then roared into some rockin’ moments when the Pornadoes lit up the stage both with their songs and as backing band for all the other acts.

While the rain came in fits and spurts outside, the energy radiating from all this talent inside never died down.

Many thanks to Jason, Tom, and Ethan (Pornadoes) and Caitlin (Slow Skate) for taking time to learn so many songs to back us all up – truly amazing! It was inspiring to share the stage with such a fine group of people.

I anticipate more Parlour Trick showcases in the future and encourage you dear readers and music lovers, to make a point to check it out.

I’m back off to the Midwest in a couple of days, but will be leaving refreshed and stimulated to pen new material that will bring me back into the Parlour Trick studio.

Be well. Cheers.
Brian Erickson

Published: June 9, 2012
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Parlour Trick Presents! June 8th 2012

We are putting on our first Parlour Trick artist showcase! Brian Erickson will be in from Minneapolis and sharing the stage with Slow Skate, Colin J Nelson and The Pornadoes! The Pornadoes will be the backing band for Colin, Brian, and Caitlin (of Slow Skate). Each artist will be showcasing some new material.
Slow Skate will also be playing a few new tunes that have been working for a new album.
The show will be at the Rogue & Peasant in Fremont.
Doors at 8pm, show starts at 9pm. 5 dollar cover.

Published: June 1, 2012
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The Pornadoes Debut Album is Out!!!

The Pornadoes debut album “Now Serving…” pours up a healthy dose of cinematic tones, sparking an inspired trip. The album plays like a silent film, traversing a musical landscape melding country western, jazz, and bluegrass flavors. Endowed with stellar melodies, the songs feel like the company one desires when exploring the blue highways of America alone. Intimate at times, reckless at others. The Pornadoes deliver a sound embodying storytelling that harkens back to a time when a mere action or look could convince one of another’s character.
“Monkey Rodeo” sets the stage with slow motion vibrato chords hanging thick in the air. The tune spins into a showdown-flavored melody, building to a frenetic pace.
A baritone guitar line and disjunct chordal climbing, juxtaposed with a trashy backbeat kicks “Mitch N.V.” into high gear, evoking a high speed car chase down a desert road; a spacey, bass-heavy interlude offers contemplative room before the song takes off again back where it came.
“Copper Island” sounds like the end of a hot day. Velvety guitar and washy cymbals hang in the air like remnants of sun; the tambourine like a rattler lurking in the distance.
Night passes and “As a Sinner” begets the morning. Layered, vibrato-laden guitar tones, over a snare surf and thoughtful bass line suggest reflection.
“One Knuckle Goose” begins with a playful melody that swirls into intricate variations; jumps into a double-time two step, then into an abrasive, distorted exclamation, back full circle to the cheerful refrain.
Ascending and descending lines give way to a steady bass and shuffling snare landscape in “Marigold Parade”. The melody unravels and tones fold over themselves, creating a feeling of discovery – like an endless opening of Matryoshkas dolls floating through the air.
“Ballard Loafers” brings the listener back to the ground, a saunter along concrete sidewalks. The drums and bass fill momentary pauses like life passing by while waiting at an intersection. The guitar melody conjures images of curiosities blooming and satisfied – the shuffle along resumed.
The album ends with “Minnesotan Rag”; an upbeat tune synthesizing all that preceded stylistically – an apropos end track from a trio comprised of accomplished musicians transplanted from the Midwest. “Now Serving…” proves an irresistible diversion of endless imaginative proportions.

Parlour Trick Moves to Ballard!

We moved to Ballard. We built a new little studio in the heart of Ballard under Bop St. Records!
Lots of new new music is set to be recorded and released in 2012!

Parlour Trick Studio: A Progress Report

Well, what have we been up to? Quite a bit – thanks for asking!

The Resets are making some beautiful noise in Parlour Trick Studio. Today is day three of tracking for the wonderful Resets. Jason’s recording it to tape and it’s sounding as dirty and fierce as Caleb and Dave’s rocking anthems. This is the beginning of a 6-song EP, or as Dave puts it, “a really long single”.

Last week, we had Brian Erickson back in the studio. Between enjoying bursts of that rare, early Spring Seattle sunshine, four beautiful songs were recorded. These songs will be released late this year on 10″ vinyl. As with his last release, Caitlin joined him on vocals for a tune.

And the week before that, Brett Yarnton came by to track five more new songs. His EP is growing into a 10-song LP, and with lots of guitar layers and found sounds, it’s shaping up to be quite the beautiful wash of sound.

Most Sunday nights are appropriately taken over by more Sunday Evening Whiskey Club recording. SEWC is looking forward to a new release this year!

Colin J Nelson Has Landed!

OK! There are two items I would like to mention today. First of all:

I am playing a show TONIGHT, with my remarkable band (name pending… The Gentle Forest? discuss…) at The Mix in Georgetown. It promises to be an excellent evening of music, especially considering that the night has been dubbed “Friday Night Lightning.”

Tickets are a mere five dollars, and you can ensure your admittance by purchasing them directly from me, at the following web address:

I believe the show is restricted to those of age 21 and up. Here are some more details:

FRIDAY 11/19
The Mix (In the Georgetown Neighborhood of Seattle)

Fall of 1920 8:30-9:30
Colin Nelson 10-11PM
Letters From Traffic 11:30PM-1AM

Alright. Second of all:

My new album Posies and Teeth is very much available!

1) You may obtain a real flesh and blood copy of it directly from me Here:
and here:

2) If you prefer digital files, you can already find them here:

3) If you do you shopping at only, say, iTunes, Amazon, etc., never fear, the album will be available from more of these usual suspects soon enough…

Yep, I think that’s plenty enough for now. Thanks for reading.

Love and Best Regards,


Here We Are, Here You Are

Well, here it begins. A process long in the building. We’re so happy to have an outlet to promote the wonderful music we’ve been a part of and give a peek into the little world of Parlour Trick.

There will be more music to share, more videos to view, more albums to acquire and more blogs to read soon.

Thank you for stopping by!


Caitlin & Jason / Parlour Trick

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